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Hey, it’s only been a year! Happy to be back and thrilled to be working again! If you’re new to The BUZZ it’s my way of keeping in touch with the people in my life whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with and friended over 3 decades in Music, Advertising, Broadcasting and Acting.


The summer is winding down, but Doug is running full speed ahead!

HOSPITALITY FEST at the Lakeshore Fitness Center provided the opportunity for Doug’s company Pocket Productions to introduce THE SOUNDS OF A GENERATION. Doug’s new musical extravaganza offering different Live Music shows like The Joe Cocker Mad Dog Tribute Band,(a re-enactment of the 1970 Concert at The Fillmore East of The Mad Dogs & Englishmen Tour), The Soul Committee (a Tribute to the Alan Parker film “The Commitments” and his newest show 1967 Summer of Love. Doug met with Event Managers and Planners from Associations, High Tech and Service Industries, and Corporations who hire Entertainment for large Events, Parties and Functions. Check out Doug’s Narrated promo for his Woodstock Review Show    http://kirsten19.wixsite.com/pocket-productions


 AUGUST WAS A BUSY MUSIC MONTH! Doug James and The Pocket’s Favorite club to go acoustic has always been FUSION in Kenosha, Wis. A combined Art Gallery and Music venue it also offers Comedy and is with out a doubt the hottest club in a town with a bar on every corner! Which is why they now serve drinks as well as outstanding local, regional and national talent on their stage! Check’em out at www.kenoshafusion.com

A DOUBLE BILL FILLED TO CAPACITY! 210 Restaurant & Music Lounge didn’t even know what hit them, they certainly didn’t expect 400+ to show up for the Joe Cocker Mad Dog Tribute Band and Woodstock Music Fest Redux!! Doug Produced the show, Narrated the 3 hour extravaganza (which he wrote as well) and sang in the CS&N Woodstock performance. Needless to say, it was a good…no it was a GREAT time!

 RUN ON SENTENCE ALERT. Doug hosted the jam at the Wooden Nickel on the 2nd, then flew to Key West for Daughter Bridgets Wedding on the beach, in the heat and humidity then flew back and did a weekend Iowa tour playing at Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines on the 12th and the Adel Sweet Corn Festival on the 13th! (deep breath) But wait there’s more!

COX COMMUNICATIONS “WE ARE FAMOUS” Working as a husband and wife team for an on camera TV campaign Doug and Chicago actress and friend Janice O’Neil did multiple spots for the Home Smart Phone! The agency was Foote Cone & Belding and Doug’s old Taco Bell pal Todd Durston was the Creative Director. If you’re in the South, Southwest and West Coast you’re probably already seeing it airing!

MINI BABY BEL. A Sales Video for Celebrity Cheese? Really? Is it even necessary? Doug had no complaints working with team of creatives from Y&R Chicago and Dave Gerbosi at Another Country!

FINGERS ARE CROSSED! Doug would describe this as one of those VO jobs that you relish working on. A demo for a 2017 car campaign. All we can say is it was with a great team of guys from DDB Chicago.

DOUG’S ACTING HIS AGE? Yes, he did an AARP On Camera commercial with Lindsay Seltzer of GMMB. Fellow BOSS acting chum John Hoogenakker had the lead in this one!

 HAMMER TIME. DJ worked on an Internet Starburst Candy campaign with Alison Reeck and Audio Tech wizard Nick Papaleo from DDB Chicago. The spot featured MC Hammer doin’ a Juicy Rain Dance!

IT’S HANA HOU TIME TOO. Doug says Mahalo to Susie Kim and the creative team of Sean and Bryan at MVNP on the Big Island! He’s the voice for the McDonald’s McTeri Deluxe for the 2nd year in a row!

This will be the last time Doug will have to fly back to Announce for Hustle Up the Hancock! The plan is to stick around in 2017 and work! Hope it’s a mild winter!!

MONOPOLY IS ALIIVVEE! Thanks to Steve Zoloto from Scientific Games. Big Shout out to everyone who plays the one armed Bandit in Casinos all over the world.

This Labor Day, resolve to do work that you love.

                                                  SEPTEMBER HAPPENINGS




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