Doc ‘O’ Rock Rolls

Ari ‘Doc O Rock’ Mintz is a man of many hats! Besides being a friend he is a real Doctor, a Songwriter, Producer and a helluva bass player! I’ve been blessed the past couple of years to be his first choice to sing with his incredibly talented band, Vat of Chocolate. I was also on Ari’s last album Signifying Monkeys (available on iTunes) and he even let me grace the cover of the CD with him.

One of my personal highlights this summer was going back into the studio and performing on his latest CD Baribari. This time, with the amazing Yvonne Gage! This is a woman who can sing anything!! But to watch her work in the studio with Ari and engineer Rob Ruccia at the controls was pure joy.

The CD will be out sometime in the Spring, and I’ll be sure to let you know exactly when!


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